Happy Hiatus!

Guess who’s back?

I don’t know why I’ve found it so hard to write on here in the last 6 months. I have numerous saved drafts that were attempts to make contact, instead they fell out of time relevance, seemed unimportant in the face of global catastrophes, and I couldn’t imagine the point of me posting my ramblings.

Studying is fun

Though I’ve not been active on here, I have kept myself busy with a variety of pursuits and studies that will ultimately benefit this blog and my writing career in the future. I’ve learned about marketing formulas and practices, as Digital Marketing in particular seems to be a massive buzz-word these days for every job I’ve enquired about. Although they expect you to have years and years of experience in it, yet when I started uni, I wasn’t aware of it as a career.

Fret not, though, I won’t become super formulaic and begging for you to do things every post – there will be some changes but primarily this is still an outlet for me to ramble in and most of you enjoy that!

I’m learning more about web development also and the best practices for running multiple websites, so eventually I will migrate the sites to a more practical and cost effective host – which will also give me greater creative control. Nothing will change for you, dear reader, except that it will hopefully be better organised and shinier.

Languages Forever

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that languages are a huge deal for me – however I needed to separate the worlds and I’ve launched my language learning website languageswitheliza.com where I’ll share resources and tips as well as blogging about my adventures in learning two new languages: Portuguese and Dutch. You’ll also find info there on learning English, Italian, and Spanish and details about my tutoring services. So please check it out if it’s something you’d be interested in.

Future Content

I did not have a great content schedule even pre-hiatus, so from now on I will aim to post once a week, normally on a Wednesday. There may be additional posts as well as queued posts which appear more frequently, and I will commence the 52-week blog challenge in January just for extra flavour. I’m trying to take the pressure off and not commit to too much content, going instead for the quality over quantity practice so as not to burn out, but also to give me a chance to do things that make the content!

There will be photos from the few places around Glasgow I’ve managed to get to this year and I’ll be trawling the archives and blogging old holiday pictures with full details and wacky anecdotes. On Facebook, I recently teased the story of how I met Linkin Park, I promise it’s coming soon in all its glory – it was just harder to write than I’d anticipated.

Of course, there will be crochet updates with lots of random items I’ve made during lockdown… and writing updates as I attempt to get full drafts of two novels I’ve been working on for a ridiculously long time, in spite of occasionally crippling self-doubt!

Happy days will come again,

e x


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